New York State Artist Workspace Consortium

Since its founding, the members of the New York State Artist Workspace Consortium have completed the following activities in its efforts to make artist workspaces more visible, provide more workspace opportunities for artists, and create a peer learning network: 

•  Building a peer network at multiple organizational levels through site visits and exchange among studio staff members, executive directors, and board members.

•  Exchanging information, resources, and abilities through customized convenings designed by LarsonAllen Public Service Group to foster peer learning and discussion.

•  Providing technical assistance through consultancies with outside experts to further organizational growth in governance, planning, facilities expansion, evaluation, and marketing.

  Mentoring a new generation of artist workspaces selected by a competitive application process.

•  Surveying members' archives and commissioning archival assessments from The Winthrop Group on behalf of each organizational member.

•  Co-founding the Art Spaces Archives Project.

•  Cross-pollinating artistic programs through collaborations on artistic projects and exhibitions.

  Sharing the lessons learned and advocating for the artist workspace model through publications, presentations at national conferences (e.g. Grantmakers in the Arts, Alliance of Artist Communities), and the Artist Workspace Mentorship Project.





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